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Swimming Pool Designs

Overflow Pools

An overflow swimming pool has one or more sides around the pool where an overflow of Water ends up in a closed surge tank.

The overflow can be built traditionally with a plastic gutter (available in different colours and styles) with granite or natural stone; overall, an overflow pool design looks more modern and can be better set up with your landscaping garden. An overflow system needs more space than a skimmer or infinity edge pool.

Infinity Edge Pools

An infinity edge pool system means that one or more sides have an open edge overflow in an empty surge tank; the open edge is mainly built with granite or tiling.

Skimmer System Pools

A Skimmerbox System is the most straightforward system to build; one or more skimmer boxes are installed to get a top of the water suction (as an overflow) to the skimmer to keep the water surface clean from dust and leaves etc. it needs less space than the other systems. The water level is mostly 10 cm lower than the top.

Design & Construction

MD Pools Pattaya and our Managing Director, Mr Markus Denk, have many years of experience and will help you with any special request in addition to constructing your swimming pool. Everything unique about your house is related to the swimming pool. 


Is your swimming pool beginning to show signs of age?

Purchased a property with a swimming pool that needs renovating?

Or the kids have moved out, and you want some new changes?

MD Pools Pattaya is the right company to contact; we have years of experience in swimming pool construction and renovation.

MD Pools Pattaya can change your swimming pool to your style and wishes.

Tiling & Finishing

Mosaic, Glass Pebbles & Glowing Floors

Be the “One” who likes to have a stunning swimming pool with Glass Pebbles or mosaics! Also, Glowing Floor Coating is available

Glass Pebble coating for new build and renovated swimming pools. Offering a choice of colour and shape, they are super smooth meaning no more sore feet. 

Swimming Pool Equipment


We are a swimming pool specialist with many years of experience. We have water pumps for Swimming Pools, Spa, Fountains, Air Blower, Housewater Pumps etc. We choose between high head high flow, medium head medium flow, self-priming pump, and quiet booster for performance.


You want only the best filter for your swimming pool or household filter. We also have a range of filters for fishponds available. 

Water Treatment

MD Pools Pattaya has many years of experience in swimming pool water treatment. Water in swimming pools must be treated to remain clear, clean and free from harmful substances like bacteria, viruses, algae and other pathogens; otherwise, it will not suit swimmers.

Led Lights, Heat & Cooling Systems

We can provide near for every size of swimming pool, jacuzzi, and cold-water plunge pool, plus heat and cooling systems. Our LED stainless steel lights are high-grade underwater lights fully resin filled with a 2-year warranty. We can also provide all other underwater lights, including halogen and fibre optic.

No more broken bulbs! Lifetime 60,000 hours.

Colours: RGB 16 programs or ultra-bright white.

Diameter: 315mm or 235mm / 44mm Flat.


Hot Tub, Jacuzzi & Sauna

Many sizes and styles are available with a 3-5 year warranty. They include: